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Access to current timber stocks

With our system you can search through all stock lists released for you, on the open market or by special partners. With the help of a filter you can easily find out who has your suitable loads available.

Reduce storage costs and tied up capital through short delivery times and attractive prices.

Represent your company within the network

Add your location, documents of interest or additional company informations. Enter your contact persons and keep your contact details up to date. Create trust through open informations.

Keep yourself informed about your suppliers. Learn more about their many years of experience, certifications or operational structure.

Offers from suppliers

Suppliers can create and publish offers or send them to you specifically.

Our chat feature provides you with quick contact possibilities for negotiations.

Create specified inquiries

Stock lists are easily filterable, if you have discovered interesting quantities, simply select them and add optional prices and delivery conditions.

Send inquiries directly in the system or download the selected specifications for your own dispatch conveniently as Excel or PDF files.

Find exactly your quality

Pre-defined quality characteristics such as “sharp-edged” or “free of blue stain” allow you to search across international quality classes and thus provide you with a larger intersection for your inquiries.

Publish your request

Whatever you are looking for – publish your request on our “Marketplace”. Sit back and wait for your offers.