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Publish your stocks

With us you can easily create, edit and upload your inventory lists online. Regardless of whether you want to create entire lists or just individual batches manually.
You can search for loads through all stock lists released for you, on the open market or by special partners. Choose special filters in your stock lists such as scalings for quantity, approval and processing as well as informations about location and productions.

Reduce storage costs and tied capital through shorter delivery times and attractive prices.

Represent your company within the network

Keep yourself and your customers informed. Find out about suppliers and build trust based on your many years of experience, your certifications or operational structure.
Deposit your own productions with production details, documents of interest or additional company information. Add your contact persons and keep your contact details up to date.

Maintain closer customer relations

Add customers to your network and easily inform them about your new offers and inventory in the future.
Customer data such as contact persons are always up-to-date and can be provided with your individual price categories, payment terms, internal notes etc.

A special interaction possibility with your customers exists especially via chat for the respective offers or inquiries.

Publish your request

Whatever you are looking for – publish your request on our “Marketplace”. Sit back and wait for your offers.

Receive and send inquiries or offers

Your stock lists are completely filterable and sortable and can be easily searched and matched. The same applies to you, if you have discovered interesting quantities, simply select them and add optional prices and delivery conditions.

Generate and receive specific and detailed inquiries and offers.

Send them directly from our system or as PDF and Excel attachments, or download the selected specifications for your own dispatch conveniently as Excel or PDF files.

Scale the sharing of your information

Decide for yourself whether your stock list is visible to everyone, only to verified partners or to your own selected contacts.
If you prefer your customers will receive prices on free delivery terms through the individual transport calculation. Further price categories and payment terms can be specified with the customer.

Pre-defined quality characteristics such as “sharp-edged” or “free of blue stain” allow you to search across international quality classes and thus provide you with a larger intersection for your inquiries.

Create your own contact groups

Merge your own contacts into groups according to your specific requirements and address these groups specifically in marketing mailings.

Removing language barriers

Create offers in your language and use the fully automatic translation feature into the required language.

Increase your professionalism by removing the language barrier and creating a professional and consistent design.